Mar 24, 2017

Electronic Prescribing: Could ePrescribing Help End the Opioid Addiction Crisis?

Updated May 24, 2022  |  Published March 24, 2017 by Alanna Diffendal

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The discussion surrounding the opioid addiction crisis is widespread. According to the article, How Digital Health Could Help End the Opioid Addiction Crisis, a health technology tool in existence today “has the potential to staunch the scourge of opioid addiction and overdoses in America.” Doctors just are not using this “tool”.

This tool is electronic prescribing. According to Dr. Atul Gawande there are 5 key reasons electronic prescribing can “help stem the tide of drug overdose deaths”:

  1. 2-factor authentication prevents duplicate and forged prescriptions
  2. Reduction in dosing errors
  3. Cross-reference prescription monitoring program databases
  4. Simplified prescription process for doctors and patients
  5. Fewer prescriptions written up front because providers can remotely order another supply

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