Jul 21, 2016

EHR: Are You Wasting Time and Money on Multiple Technology Systems?

Alanna Diffendal   |   Updated December 15   |  Reading time: 2 minutes

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With electronic health record (EHR) adoption on the rise, many doctors are frustrated with technology. If you are in this boat, you are not alone. The article,

EHR Adoption, Use Remains a Source of Frustration for Docs speaks to this frustration by referencing a survey by Physicians Practice. According to this survey, providers complain of software vendors failing to optimize EHR software, overall reduction of productivity, and lack of EHR interoperability. The overall reduction of productivity, alongside frustration, derives mainly from using multiple software vendors and additional, repetitive steps necessary to input information.

Many practices find themselves entering patient data into a scheduler system, only to add patient data into a separate electronic health record system. With looming mandates for electronic prescribing, providers find themselves searching, for yet another, software solution. Not to mention the need for practices to add and manage patient data in, likely, another software solution for medical billing. These broken systems are expensive, and more importantly, they take away time from providing patient care.

While many software vendors aim to streamline physician’s workflow, little have success in achieving this goal. RXNT strives to reduce frustration and save practices time by delivering fully integrated and affordable healthcare solutions to physicians across the country. When physicians use comprehensive healthcare solutions, it eliminates time wasted on entering repetitive data, allowing the practice to spend more time providing patient care. Technology should be an advantage for a medical practice, allowing for easy communication across the entire care team, regardless of role or physical location. Full suite solutions, that include medical billing, medical scheduling, electronic health records, electronic prescribing, and a patient portal can change the way your team looks at technology.

Stop wasting time and throwing away money with broken systems and multiple software vendors. RXNT offers a fully integrated EHR, PM and E-Prescribing solutions that enable physicians to streamline their workflow. Contact RXNT at 800-943-7968 option 3 or email us at [email protected]to see our software in action and learn how much you can save with RXNT’s affordable all-in-one solution!

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