Dec 22, 2015

Electronic Health Records Set to Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

Updated May 24, 2022  |  Published December 22, 2015 by Alanna Diffendal

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Electronic Health Records Solutions (EHR) have an enormous potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry, from the way Doctors record medical information to hospitals being able to see how often their ER patients are returning. Although EHRs are not mandatory for private practices and hospitals to have, according to the article What’s Next for Electronic Health Records, there are about 80% of practices that have implemented a variation of an EHR.

In order to entice Doctors to adopt an EHR, Meaningful Use (MU) was created to provide incentives for those who take the time and effort to introduce an EHR to their office.  Meaningfully Using (MU) Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) specifies that providers need to demonstrate that they’re utilizing CEHRT in ways that can be measured significantly in quality and in quantity, in order to improve quality of care, patient safety, increase efficiency, and reduce health disparities. Many Doctors have been struggling to find an EHR that can satisfy all their practice’s needs while making it easy to meet the Meaningful Use Objectives. For EHRs to become as successful as physicians have hoped, they need to be moving in a positive direction. RXNT|EHR allows physicians to smoothly transition to electronic health records (EHR) without creating a disruption in patient care.

RXNT|EHR has expanded coordination of care functionality by providing a secure patient portal, which gives patients access to their health information in order to verify medications, review lab results and even pay their bills. To find out how you can incorporate Secure Messaging through direct email and communicate confidential information with referring providers, contact [email protected].

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