Electronic Health Records for Physicians

Electronic Health Records for Physicians

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In recent years, requirements from insurance companies have increased the amount of documentation needed in healthcare organizations. Although proper documentation is an important aspect of quality care, record-keeping is time-consuming and frustrating for physicians, whose time is best spent helping patients.

Physicians spend approximately 49% of their time at work completing Electronic Health Records (EHR) and desk work and only 27% interacting with patients, according to a 2016 study. Inefficient EHR systems are no doubt responsible for a large portion of this excessive time spent.

Too much focus on administrative tasks can lower physicians' job satisfaction, even when controlling for income. If your practice is overwhelmed by too much paperwork, you need to consider whether your current EHR solution or documentation system is meeting your needs. At RXNT, we offer an efficient and affordable Electronic Health Record software for doctors, so you can focus on what you do best—providing quality patient care.

What is EHR software for doctors?

EHR is a type of software that allows physicians and other healthcare professionals to complete a variety of administrative tasks in one system. A good EHR software for doctors streamlines workflow and reduces the amount of administrative burden staff members need to complete by hand.

A cloud-based Software

RXNT's electronic health records software is cloud-based, allowing you to access patient data from any internet-connected device, including from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Use our cloud-based EHR to enter patient information, place lab orders, write referrals, and send faxes electronically. The interface minimizes the chance of double entry and grants access with a single sign-on, so you can spend less time looking at your screen and more time interacting with patients.

How does RXNT Electronic Health Record software for physicians benefit practices?

RXNT's EHR software for doctors comes with numerous benefits for individual physicians and their practices. These benefits include:

Our Electronic Health Record software is certified by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), which ensures it meets technical and interoperability requirements.

RXNT's EHR system allows you to send secure documents to patients, providers, payers, and other healthcare organizations from within the workflow for more efficient data exchanges.

Custom and specialized templates allow doctors to record visit information however they prefer, which results in faster data entry and more accurate charts. When physicians can complete EHR tasks without inefficient hassle, they can end the work day on time.

You expect your healthcare IT solutions to work alongside other software. RXNT's EHR software for physicians integrates seamlessly with our electronic prescribing, practice management, medical billing, and scheduling systems.


"The RXNT EHR is solid, easy to navigate, and has useful features to aid in chart documentation. For half the cost of most other software packages out there, it's worth it to work with them. Their customer service team is one of the most responsive I've seen in my 35 years of professional experience!"

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Get started with EHR software for doctors today

At RXNT, we offer a full suite of feature-rich healthcare technology solutions to improve productivity and patient outcomes. Whether you're just getting started with EHR or looking for a comprehensive software provider, our U.S.-based customer support team can help you with implementation, training and other challenges at no additional charge. To learn how RXNT's EHR software will benefit physicians at your practice, request a live, personalized demo.

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