Oct 31, 2017

EHR Vendors – Considering Providers’ Input

Alanna Diffendal  |  Updated May 24

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As a Provider, does your Electronic Health Records (EHR) vendor solicit your input to considering suggestions on how to improve their products?

On many occasions, providers often attempt to reach out to their EHR vendors regarding easy corrections they would like to see that could improve their workflow, yet rarely get responses or consideration from the vendor.

The article: Doctors to EHR Vendors: You Need Our Input quoted providers including James Dunnick, MD, FACC, who “sees a simple explanation for why EHR vendors rarely ask for doctors’ input regarding quality improvement:  They don’t have to.” With the government continuously implementing laws and policies designed to encourage providers to move to electronic solutions, it also enables EHR vendors to sell a product that may not meet the needs of its’ clients because of these regulations.

This speaks to the core of what an EHR system should be taking into consideration at all times.  Most vendors can easily get caught up with the excuse of deadlines to meet to stay compliant with ongoing federal regulations.  Given that these requirements consume a lot of resources, it is fair to assume vendors can become unresponsive to the practicalities an EHR needs.

It is essential to have more practices looking at the simplicity, efficiency and common sense of the end result.  

At RXNT, the feedback received from clients, providers, and practices have influenced our solution’s roadmap and enabled clients to remain independent and successful. RXNT involves extensive client pilot groups with enhancements and upgrades for our cloud-based software.  Our developers work alongside clients to improve the platform and format the software to integrate with our clients’ workflows. Moreover, RXNT solicits ongoing feedback & ideas to improve efficiencies of the EHR and other cloud-based solutions.  In the end, not only are these ideas and improvements implemented into our solutions on-going but there is no additional charge for these system upgrades to existing clients.

In today’s ever-changing and competitive healthcare environment, providers themselves can often provide the best input available to improve EHRs. To learn more about RXNT|EHR and its workflow, call us at 1-800-943-7968 Option 3, email us at [email protected], or click on “Learn More” below.

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