Apr 27, 2016

Electronic Health Records: Realizing Improved Patient Safety

Last updated May 20, 2021  |  Published April 27, 2016 by Alanna Diffendal

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The benefits of Electronic Health Record (EHR) software are not fully recognized by most physicians and medical practices, which is leads to building frustration. Sermo asked over 2,400 U.S. providers if patient safety has improved as a result of implementing an EHR. Only 27% of providers responded positively. With the stigma surrounding electronic health records, it is easy to forget how certified EHR software can help practices improve patient safety.

Morsani College of Medicine describes several ways EHRs work to improve patient safety in Benefits of Electronic Health Records:

  • EHRs provide the ability to exchange complete health information about a patient in real time. Accurate, up-to-date and thorough information naturally leads to a higher quality of care, from better diagnoses to reduced errors.
  • When it comes to medications, paper prescriptions can be lost or misread, leading to errors in dosage or even the wrong medication dispensed. Electronic prescribing allows physicians to communicate directly with the pharmacy, reducing errors and saving time by eliminating lost prescriptions.
  • Patient safety is improved as electronic prescribing automatically checks for potentially dangerous drug, allergy, and demographic interactions.
  • Better coordination among providers leads to more accurate diagnoses, improved management of chronic conditions and better overall patient care.

Is your practice interested in realizing improved patient safety and care?

Medical practices should be careful to select only certified EHR vendors, such as RxNT|EHR, because these vendors are familiar with intense auditing processes that ensure patient safety is made a priority. The second key to patient safety is provider and staff training. Find a vendor that values your training and is committed to your team’s successful implementation of electronic health record software. Implementing a new workflow with an EHR takes time and hard work, but in the long run, improving patient safety is achievable.

RxNT is a certified Electronic Health Records vendor as well as e-Prescribing (RxNT|eRx) and Practice Management (RxNT|PM). We want to ensure that our clients know how to effectively use our solutions, so we offer comprehensive training and support at no additional cost. We want to see your team succeed and improve patient safety with the help of RxNT|EHR. For more information please call 1-800-943-7968 option 3 or email us at Sales@RxNT.com.

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