Mar 26, 2020

DEA Changes Rules for Prescribing Controlled Substances

Helen Farnen  |  Updated November 16


RXNT’s E-Prescribing meets all EPCS requirements

In response to COVID-19, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) allows for the prescription of controlled substances without an in-person medical exam. However, prescribers must follow these rules: 

  1. There must be a legitimate medical reason for the prescription.
  2. Prescriber and patient must have real-time, virtual communication before prescribing. 
  3. Prescriber must act in accordance with applicable federal and state laws

Prescriptions for controlled substances can be issued either by prescribing electronically or calling a pharmacy directly with an emergency prescription. 

The RXNT guarantee

If you’re looking for an e-prescribing solution or an upgrade to your current system, here’s what you’ll get from RXNT:

  • Our eRx system is DEA-certified to meet all state and federal EPCS mandates.
  • Our low price includes setup, unlimited training and support, and regular updates.
  • We’ll have your practice up and running in days, not weeks. 

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