Cloud-based vs. Server-based EMR Solutions

December 14, 2016

There is strong belief that server-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solutions are more secure than cloud-based. The thought of housing your data elicits the feeling you are in control, but you could be masking increased risk.

Most server-based EMR’s require periodic upgrades or patches to keep you protected from malicious threats. A Physician’s number one priority is caring for patients, not upgrading their EMR. This can easily result in a lapse of time running on an outdated version of your EMR, opening you up to vulnerabilities.

Most cloud-based systems have 24/7/365 monitoring. They have a favorable track record of uptime. According to Infor, public cloud users experience “fewer service disruptions and quicker recovery, reducing downtime by 72%. Those are impressive numbers, especially when you’re running a medical center or a practice that depends on EMR reliability. Allowing your vendor to manage the cloud, lets you focus on what’s most important –  caring for your patients.

At RxNT, we deliver a cloud-based EMR solution with automatic updates and patches. We ensure everyone is running on the latest version because worrying about whether your EMR is up to date, or not, can be hassle, not mention stressful. Let us worry about that and about protecting your data!

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