Nov 29, 2017

Cloud-based Solutions – Taking Medical Documentation to the Next Level

Alanna Diffendal   |   Updated May 24   |  Reading time: 2 minutes


Server-based solutions – your time has come to an end. Step aside. Cloud-based solutions are on the rise and have proven time and time again to be the better option for practices across the globe that are looking to take their documents electronic.

Although server-based solutions have a longer track record for eHealth solutions housing, the future lies with cloud-based solutions. Cost-effective, cloud-based vendors that have clinched a mobile presence and maintain reliability are growing to be the most appealing alternative to practices, regardless of their size.

Weighing the Costs

Practice management (PM) solutions do not have to cost a practice an arm and a leg, but these days that’s what most vendors charge. Luckily, choosing a cloud-based solution is a more cost-effective than adopting a server-based. Practice management solutions require thorough training in order for billers to get acclimated to the electronic workflow, which means multiple training sessions and support calls. Make sure your vendor, like RXNT, includes training and unlimited support for no additional cost.

A solution not only saves your practice money but also your staff’s time. Administrative tasks are at the forefront of a practice’s success and are critical to continue moving a practice. If their tasks are slowed, such as appointments, invoicing, submitting bills, because of server issue, it could set your practice back.

One of the biggest differences between server-based solutions and cloud-based solutions is that server-based solutions require additional security. Usually this entails outsourcing an IT vendor. Cloud-based solutions shifts the responsibility of security with the vendor rather than the practice.

That’s Reliable

Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than using a product that doesn’t function how it should. Medical Billers need a reliable solution that works when they need without having to rely on their IT staff. With cloud-based solutions, the burden of updates and maintenance are on the vendor. Solutions like RXNT|practice management automatically push updates, so your office is always on the most up-to-date version of the solution – eliminating any stress to update an in-house server.

Mobility is a New Necessity

For those in the medical field, access to eHealth solutions can be a headache with server-based solutions because you must be using a specific computer so taking your work on-the-go is impossible. Cloud-based solutions free those limitations and allow you to access your account virtually from anywhere that you have internet access. The development of mobile applications has allowed billers more mobility from their smartphones and tablets. Whether you are at home or the office, it is possible for you to bill for your clients.

Server-based solutions have helped power medical facilities into a digital era, but now cloud-based solutions are taking electronic billing, health records, scheduling, and prescribing to a new level of mobility, reliability, and affordability.

Whether you are a solo medical biller or billing on a corporate level, RXNT’s cloud-based practice management solution can help propel you to a more efficient workflow. Learn more about our state of the art solution today by calling us at 800-943-7968 option 3, emailing us at s[email protected], or clicking on the “Learn More” button below.

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