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The right medical billing solution can boost the efficiency, productivity, and revenue of your company. Complete this form for your Free Medical Billing Solution Toolkit that’s brimming with resources to help you make your best billing decision.

Included in the free toolkit:

  • Find Your Solution Checklist

    Learn the top 10 features to consider before you decide.

  • Medical Billing Quiz

    Test how much you know about billing rules.

  • Billing Solution Glossary

    Identify and understand important terms or functionality to boost your knowledge.

  • Latest CPT Codes

    Reduce denials with up-to-date billing codes.

  • Get Paid Faster Flyer

    Five tips to help you reach your billing goals.

  • Easy, No-Risk Demo

    Get a free, virtual demo of our latest billing solutions.

  • Free, Personalized Support

    For questions you may have, call (443) 863-6310 or send an email one of our customer advisors.

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I love this program!!!! The Charge capture app is amazing for doctors office to transfer their notes and diagnosis codes easily to the billing company!! The flow of creating a claim and sending it out to be billed is so easy!

Annie Zadori, PsyD - CBT Psychological Associates

"Very intuitive. Easy to navigate. Much more user friendly than competing programs."


"There are such a significant number of advantages, I don't know where to begin!
The staff at RXNT is awesome."


"Great value, sound integrated system. Have used daily for years and keeps getting better"

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