Leadership: Thomas Kavukat

Thomas Kavukat

Chief Technology Officer

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Thomas Kavukat

Chief Technology Officer

Thomas Kavukat is RXNT's Chief Technology Officer and Architect. He is driven by compassion to improve the experiences of both the customers using RXNT's software systems and the team members who work to build them. He is always on the lookout for new trends in health IT and technology. This has enabled the RXNT software development team to adopt the latest technology and improve customer experience year over year since the early 2000s.

Mr. Kavukat has held several positions at RXNT, including Sr. Solutions Architect. During his tenure, he has helped conceive and implement most of RXNT's software products.

He holds a Master’s degree in Computer and Information Science from Kansas State University in 2005. Outside of the office, quality time with his children, reading a good book, and reading/writing code keeps him fully charged.








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