Medical Billing: Tired of Paper Superbills?

September 15th, 2017 By: Jessica Foglesong

Patient Bill Pay

Medical billing organizations across the country have spent countless hours chasing down, interpreting, and manually entering data found on paper superbills. Inefficiencies associated with paper superbills not only lead to delayed revenue but also lost revenue. With the ever-changing healthcare landscape, it is critical that billing organizations implement technology that improves workflow and captures every opportunity for revenue collection.

As a leader in mobile health software solutions, RxNT once again puts easy-to-use mobile technology into the hands of providers, nurses, and other practice administrators across the country with RxNT’s Charge Capture.

No longer will superbills be misplaced, lost, illegible, or manually transferred into an electronic system. All billing data will be electronically transmitted into RxNT’s Practice Management solution for quick review and claim submission by a medical biller or coder. Providers can access common procedure codes, search for ICD-10 codes, and even send a note to their billing office. 

RxNT’s Charge Capture is easy to use and fully-integrated, and I can’t wait until you ask what this will cost you. Give us a call at 1-800-948-7968 Option 3 to find out. We can even provide a live, online demonstration of the charge capture application in action.

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Jessica Foglesong

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