Looking for a secure telehealth solution?

RXNT’s telehealth-friendly healthcare software allows you to document virtual patient visits side-by-side with telemedicine solutions and seamlessly bill for your services. Get secure telehealth, without disrupting the efficiencies and intuitive workflows you need to keep your practice running smoothly.

Get a first-hand look at how our integrated software will help you streamline your practice with an easy, virtual demo. Our friendly, no-pressure customer advisors will answer any questions you have and help you to evaluate your needs.


Get a quick, no-pressure demo

Work Remotely

See patients virtually and document from wherever you are.

Patient Portal

Patients can schedule their own appointments and sign consent forms.

Pain-Free Billing

Get reimbursed, no matter how your practice is adapting.

Tools to empower your patients and improve your practice.

Get secure telehealth, without disrupting the efficiencies and intuitive workflows you need to keep your practice running smoothly. Reduce demands on office staff, and make care simpler.

  • One Price

    Includes set up, training, support, and upgrades.

  • Seamless Integration

    Choose a single solution or the entire suite.

  • Cloud-Based

    Affordable, secure access from anywhere.

See patients virtually, document remotely

With Electronic Health Records, you can document patient appointments and charting, even when working remotely. Conduct virtual patient visits with secure video platforms such as SnapMD, and others, and document them quickly and easily on RXNT’s encounter forms.

For ultra-efficient documentation, try our Smart Form encounter template. And, use your computer's built-in dictation feature to record a transcript of your visits.


Continue front-office operations, anywhere

Using RXNT's Scheduler tool in conjunction with our EHR means that practice administrators can give patients access to schedule their own appointments through the Patient Portal. Set up Consent Forms for patients to review and sign electronically, which saves time during a virtual appointment.

The Patient Portal tool boosts patient satisfaction, strengthen's the doctor-patient partnership, and improves communication.

Seamlessly bill for telehealth services

CMS has expanded telehealth billing options in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. RXNT has everything you need to adjust your billing encounters for telehealth, with modifiers for your encounters and claims.

Streamline reimbursement with RXNT's Medical Billing software, which automates tasks and eligibility checks, and streamlines payment processes with claim scrubbing, alerts, and tracking.


"Very intuitive. Easy to navigate. Much more user friendly than competing programs."

"There are such a significant number of advantages, I don't know where to begin! The staff at RXNT is awesome."

"Great value, integrated system. Have used daily for years and keeps getting better"

We are pleased with the flow of patient charting to billing/payment posting—the platform is stable and we haven't had downtime. The tab format in the EHR is easy to move through for patient documentation. Claims are easy to prepare and send, and ERA's are easy to post and review. Their prescription history access is top notch and a very important feature in today's world.

Alice - Physicians Solutions

Streamline your practice with our Full Suite of solutions

Since 1999, RXNT has provided innovative, feature-rich technology for the healthcare industry. Today, we offer effective Electronic Health Records (EHR) software alongside a full suite of healthcare IT solutions, which also includes Electronic Prescribing (eRx) and Practice Management (PM). The integrated Full-Suite system of all integrated products can help transform your workflow and improve your practice's financial forecast.

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