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RXNT Partners with CoverMyMeds for Electronic Prior Authorization

April 13, 2016

RxNT, a leader in innovative healthcare solutions for today’s ambulatory practices and CoverMyMeds, the nation’s largest electronic prior authorization platform, announced today a partnership to provide electronic prior authorization (ePA) functionality within RxNT|EHR, RxNT’s electronic health records solution, including its RxNT|eRx e-prescribing solution.

Prior authorization (PA) is the formulary management process of requiring pre-approval for certain prescribed medications. Historically, the PA process takes the form of paper, faxes and phone calls between medical practices, pharmacies and insurance companies, which is extremely inefficient for physician practices. Electronic prior authorization transforms the paper-based PA workflow into an electronic process that minimizes prescription abandonment and administrative waste. Implemented properly, the ePA process provides real-time decision support for electronic prescribing.

RxNT is the latest healthcare solutions provider to partner with CoverMyMeds for electronic prior authorization and, according to the ePA National Adoption Scorecard, joins 70 percent of EHR and E-Prescribing vendors representing the majority of the market share who have committed to implementing ePA.

As a result of CoverMyMeds’ functionality, prescribers using RxNT’s solutions will be able to submit ePA requests for any medication and to all health plans. This functionality is unique to CoverMyMeds and arms physicians and their staff with the most efficient ePA solution.

“By integrating with CoverMyMeds, practices using RxNT will benefit from a more efficient workflow, cutting down on the 20 hours per week typically spent processing paper prior authorizations,” said Scott Gaines, Director of Business Development, EHR Solutions for CoverMyMeds. “They’ll be able to spend more time with patients, and help them get their medication faster by initiating an electronic PA request while ordering their prescription.”

”Providing ePA functionality within our solutions will enable our practices to deliver quality service to their patients. RxNT is glad to be working with a proven partner like CoverMyMeds on this endeavor,” said Tom Collinson EVP, Business Development of RxNT.

RxNT is providing CoverMyMeds ePA solution at no cost to their EHR and e-prescribing practices. The ePA functionality will be available to RxNT practices by the second quarter of 2016. 

About CoverMyMeds

CoverMyMeds is the leader in electronic prior authorization (ePA) and one of the fastest growing health care technology companies in the U.S. We help physicians, pharmacists and their staff complete ePA requests for any drug and all health insurance plans. Our technology integrates with nearly 47,000 pharmacies, more than 500 EHR systems and payers representing nearly 75 percent of U.S. prescription volume to create the most efficient electronic prior authorization (ePA) strategy for all participants. With more than a million PA requests submitted each month, CoverMyMeds is the only vendor using the ePA NCPDP SCRIPT Standard at scale. For more information, visit www.covermymeds.com.

About RxNT

Networking Technology, Inc. dba RxNT, based in Annapolis, MD, develops innovative software solutions for ambulatory care practices. RxNT has been a leader in cloud-based software for over 16 years with a fully integrated line of solutions including RxNT|PM (practice management), RxNT|EHR (electronic health records), and RxNT|eRx (electronic prescribing). For more information about RxNT|EHR, or RxNT’s other healthcare solutions, visit us online at www.RXNT.com, call us at 800-943-7968 Ext. 3, or follow us on LinkedIn.

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