Practice Management

Struggling to Collect Payments from Patients? Try More Flexible Methods

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the financial health of the U.S.,...
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Patient–Provider Relationships: Communication and Practice Management Strategies

Positive patient-provider relationships are the lifeblood of every medical practice. Research indicates that they...
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Clearinghouse Questions You Don’t Want to Overlook

When considering buying or switching medical billing software for your company or practice, be...
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Six Tips That Help Doctors Get Paid Faster

Providing care is a calling for most physicians, but few can afford to do...
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Take Two Yoga Classes And Call Me In The Morning

Integrating traditional and non-traditional healthcare for better outcomes Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM): is...
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Your Best Medical Billing Solution: Technology or Outsourcing?

Providing care is your number one priority. But you also need to get paid...
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