Medical Patient Scheduling

5 Reasons to Love Your Electronic Health Records (EHR) in 2023

EHRs have been the butt of jokes since their inception, in 2015 inspiring Dr....
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Current Trends in Internal Medicine 2022

In the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, many medical practices saw a significant...
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Avoiding the Top 10 Medical Billing Mistakes

The margin errors in medical billing are alarming, ranging from 30% to 80%, according...
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Breaking the Cycle of Missed Appointments

Scheduling patients for provider visits was challenging long before COVID-19. Studies by Health Management...
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Maintaining College Student Safety and Health in the Wake of COVID-19

The college experience is sure to be different this fall, as campuses rework schedules,...
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Patient–Provider Relationships: Communication and Practice Management Strategies

Positive patient-provider relationships are the lifeblood of every medical practice. Research indicates that they...
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