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Creating a Successful Collaborative Care Model (CoCM)

Mental health conditions continue to be one of the leading causes of disability worldwide....
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How Group Practices Can Improve Patient Care and Satisfaction

With the pandemic settling down in the United States, daily healthcare operations look very...
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Medical Billing & Coding Mistakes to Avoid, and Tips To Get Paid Faster

Specificity is key to successful billing departments. While the complexity of medical coding and...
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How Technology Can Help OB/GYNs Adapt to a Changing Health Landscape

The COVID-19 pandemic created unexpected trends and trajectories in the social landscape of the...
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Unlocking the Advantages of Integrated Payments

The COVID-19 pandemic has fueled an unprecedented surge in digital payments along with rising...
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Where Does the U.S. Stand on Digital Health Literacy?

One of the by-products of the Coronavirus pandemic has been a meteoric rise in...
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Understanding the Top 4 Challenges Impacting Medical Billing for Practices

Medical billing presents several challenges that can affect the financial health of your practice....
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How Remote Patient Monitoring Is Changing the Healthcare Landscape

Like most industries, healthcare is swiftly evolving to adopt real-time monitoring technologies. The field...
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Trends in Preventive Medicine

Over the last 10 years, preventive medicine has evolved to embody patients’ overall well-being—both...
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The State of Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS) in 2022

While 2018 brought the nation’s first drop in drug-associated deaths in 25 years, the...
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What Is a Relative Value Unit and How Is It Calculated?

A relative value unit (RVU) is used by Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial health insurance...
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Get Paid for Virtual Care: Untangling Telehealth Coding and Claims

Telemedicine has been around for many years, but its use exploded during the COVID-19...
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