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The Proactive Approach to Bad Debt for Medical Providers

Medical debt is a growing problem in the U.S. Before the pandemic, 68% of patients were struggling and failing to ...
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Navigating Medical Marijuana at Your Practice

Marijuana’s medical potential has been gaining momentum both in scientific communities as well as in public consciousness. Thirty-three states have ...
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How Much Does Healthcare Software Really Cost?

For providers, price is the number one barrier in Electronic Health Records (EHR) adoption, according to a study by the ...
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How to Close the Tech Gap in Your Medical Practice

Technology plays an essential role in most healthcare processes, from enrolling new patients to sharing information securely with other providers. ...
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CMS Delays Federal EPCS Compliance Enforcement to 2022

In December 2020, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced a revision to the Substance Use-Disorder Prevention that ...
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mHealth Technology Puts Patient Care in the Palm of Your Hand

Over the past decade, we’ve seen a swift integration between our virtual and physical lives. We’re online for most of ...
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Keep Current with Coronavirus Billing Codes

The COVID-19 pandemic journey often feels like a real-life Netflix series, complete with twisty plotlines, complex characters, and unsuspecting heroes. ...
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The Current and Future State of the Internal Medicine Landscape

In the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, many medical practices saw a significant decline in appointments and revenues. Patients ...
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Sticker Shock at the Pharmacy Isn’t Healthy

Raise your hand if you’ve heard this story before. A physician writes a prescription for a patient, but during a ...
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Provider Burnout Is on the Rise— What’s the Antidote?

Recent studies show that 42% of physicians in the United States report feeling symptoms of burnout. Much more significant than ...
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The Complexity of Managing Specialty Drugs in the 21st Century

Chronic diseases present significant healthcare concerns in the United States. 6 in 10 adults have a single chronic disease, and ...
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Major Update to CPT Codes for 2021

Using the most accurate Current Procedural Terminology® (CPT) codes is one of the best ways to avoid claim rejections and ...
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Breaking the Cycle of Missed Appointments

Scheduling patients for provider visits was challenging long before COVID-19. Studies by Health Management Technology found that missed appointments cost ...
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Online Patient Bill Pay: Why Healthcare Practices Need to Catch Up

How many bills do you pay online? If you’re like most people in the United States, you probably pay at ...
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RXNT Cost of a Denial

The Financial Impact of Denied Claims: It’s Bigger Than You Think

The phrase “claim denied” is enough to stop any practice administrator or healthcare provider in their tracks. A denied claim ...
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Why Aren’t More Doctors Adopting EPCS? Here’s Why You Need This Feature

Fact: The DEA’s 2010 Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS) ruling permitted pharmacies across the United States to receive and ...
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RXNT Patient Payments

Struggling to Collect Payments from Patients? Try More Flexible Methods

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the financial health of the U.S., as well as on the physical ...
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Sponsor Gov Hogan Scholarship

RXNT Sponsors Chesapeake Charities’ Governor Hogan Scholarship

Bay Times and Record Observer - | Read the original release RXNT has announced support and sponsorship for Chesapeake ...
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