Medication History

Improve Care with Comprehensive Medication History

Accurate, fast, and included with your EHR.

Comprehensive Prescription History Database

Having complete information about a patient’s health is a critical component of a patient’s treatment plan. One of the most challenging tasks is gathering an accurate prescription history. That’s where RXNT’s Medication History feature within our Electronic Health Records (EHR) comes in. Quickly access a rolling 12-month report of patient prescriptions right from the patient dashboard.

Reducing risks for your patients

When you close prescription information gaps, the benefits to your patients include:

  • Improved patient safety
  • Reduced adverse drug events
  • Fewer hospital/inpatient admissions and readmissions
  • Consistent, clinically-appropriate drug therapies
  • Better adherence to treatment programs

Care advantages for your practice

When your practice gets more complete health information, clinical care is improved with::

  • Accurate, comprehensive patient medication histories
  • Less time spent collecting prescription data from patients, pharmacies, and other providers
  • Easy-to-interpret reporting accessible right from the patient dashboard

Exhausitive reporting available in seconds

From the dashboard, select the “History” tab to instantly see a rolling 12-month patient medication history report* from multiple sources, such as Surescripts' network, national insurance carriers, national and regional pharmacies, and pharmacy benefit managers.

There are two types of medication history:

  • Prescriptions filled by the pharmacy
  • Medication claims data

*You’ll need to confirm that you have patient consent to access their Protected Health Information as required by HIPAA. Medication History does not include over-the-counter medications.

See how you can elevate patient care

Get a first-hand look at how easy it is to access patient medication history data from within our integrated EHR software. Our friendly, no-pressure customer advisors will answer any questions and help evaluate your needs.

Used in healthcare organizations of all sizes, from small family clinics to large, multi-specialty practices—we offer flexible pricing options to make our tools accessible to almost any practice. Every product is backed by 24/7 cloud-based access, premium in-house support, and regular system upgrades.


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