Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do you separate your company and products from others in the industry?

A: RxNT is a privately held company that is not investor driven. Why is this important to you? This is important because we do not make decisions based on revenue and profit.  We do what is right for our clients because we want to build a long-term relationship and sometimes this means forgoing profit in the short-term to keep a client long-term. 

As for our products, we were one of the first in the industry to offer cloud-based solutions and presently we are one of the leading experts in mobile healthcare industry.

Q: What is the typical client size supported by RxNT?

A:  RxNT has been in business for 17 years and over the years clients of all sizes have come to depend on us.  We have clients with more than 500 providers and we have clients with as few as 1 or 2 providers. Our typical client is one that is looking for a high-quality solution for a cost-effective price. We are not a publicly traded company so our company is not investor (profit) driven.

Q: How do you recommend I learn more about the company RxNT and the products you offer before making a purchase?

A: RxNT offers interactive webinars with an RxNT Team Member. During the webinars, attendees will be able to learn not only beneficial features of our products but also see RxNT products in action. To sign up for one of our webinars, visit our webinar page to register. If none of the listed times work for you, please call 800-943-7968 option 3 or email us at to schedule a free demonstration.

Click HERE to compare RxNT to other vendors.

Q: Do you have a published product pricing sheet?

A: Yes, unlike many other vendors that want to upsell you on products and services you do not need, RxNT takes a more ethical approach.  We provide you with our product prices and you tell us what you want to purchase. No added cost for support and no hidden fees. View our pricing page.

Q: Where can I find a list of products offered by RxNT?

A: RxNT offers a standalone electronic prescribing solution – RxNTeRx, an electronic health record solution – RxNT eHr, and a practice management – RxNT PM. RxNT also offers acute care facilities a medication reconciliation solution. Please call RxNT sales department for more information on any of these products at 800-943-7968 ext. 3.

Q: Why should I consider a cloud-based solution?

A: Cloud-based solutions are becoming more and more common in all industries.  They are more reliable, cost-effective, and require less maintenance.  RxNT has been using cloud-based technology since 1999 so we are considered leading experts in cloud-based technology. We have perfected our products and the technology to ensure your practice is running in a highly efficient manner.

Q: Do you charge extra for support?

A: No. In addition to online training materials (found in “Utilities”), you can always contact our Support Team to schedule FREE initial, ongoing or refresher training sessions at any time.  

RxNT is different from the majority of other vendors that charge additional fees for their system training. RxNT understands that users need to feel comfortable and knowledgeable when managing their patient data and doesn’t believe in charging for such required services.

Q: What if I need support for fulfilling Meaningful Use criteria?

A: On the CMS Portal there are several web pages explaining the EHR Incentive Programs. The site contains general information and FAQs. For more information on the EHR Incentive Programs please contact the EHR Information Center at 1-866-288-8912 or 1-888-734-6563 (TTY) or visit the official CMS Medicare and Medicaid EHR website.

Additionally, RxNT can provide information on how to achieve Meaningful Use with our easy-to-follow walkthrough guides as well as provide easy access to our knowledgeable support staff.

RxNT also offers Comprehensive Meaningful Use packages.  We offer various packages for those users that want comprehensive training throughout the reporting period and also packages for those that are already familiar with MU aspects and need less guidance.  RxNT can help you determine what will work best for your practice’s needs.

To learn more about Meaningful Use Stages 1& 2 download here.

Q: What are your hours of support?

A: Phone support is available Monday through Friday, 9AM – 5PM ET; and after-hours support for critical application issues is available 24/7, 365 days a year. “Critical application issues” means the Licensed Product is not available and for these issues, Licensee should call the RxNT support line or email and an on-call RxNT support team member will respond within 4 hours by email or phone.

Q: Do you offshore your support or will I talk to a person in your office?

A: RxNT’s support staff is located in our headquarters in Annapolis, MD. We pride our company’s reputation on providing one of the best support teams in the industry.

We would be happy to provide references from several happy clients upon request

Q: What is the average hold-time to speak to a support representative?

A: The average hold time to speak to a support representative is less than 45 seconds. 

Q: Can I send Controlled Substance Prescriptions through RxNT Electronically?

A: Yes. RxNT is one of only a few vendors in the US that is certified for electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS). Registered Physicians may prescribe controlled substances using RxNT but can only transmit the prescriptions to pharmacies that are also EPCS certified.  Retail & Chain pharmacies are adding new “EPCS” enabled pharmacies every day.  Our product provides easy identification of EPCS-certified pharmacies allowing EPCS-certified providers to quickly find a convenient pharmacy in their area.  Additionally, Physicians are able to send controlled substances through RxNT’s Mobile Applications.

Q: Is there a preferred browser to use RxNT?

A: RxNT recommends it’s user to access their RxNT accounts through Google Chrome. This browser is preferred because of it’s security features as well as its compatibility with RxNT products.

Q: Can I have both a hard token and a mobile pass for the same office?

A: No. Due to DEA policy, Providers are only allowed to have one form of token for each location.

Q: What if I am unable to locate a medication in RxNT?

A: First, try to do a partial search of the medication by typing in the beginning 3 letters. You will be able to narrow your search down from there. If you still cannot find the medication you are searching for, within your RxNT Account go to the “Utilities” tab. Find the “Support Online Medication Reference” tab and select the drug reference utility to preform a partial search. This will tell you if there have been any changes made to the medication you are searching for by the manufacturer and if there are alternative medications.

Q: How do I prescribe a compound medication?

A: Compound medications can be set up by granting clinical administrator access to a superuser or by a provider. Within your RxNT Account, go to the “Utilities” tab and select “clinical admin tools” > “medication management” > “Add Medication”. This will allow you to set up a free text drug, assign a category (compound) and select a drug schedule for that specific medication.

Example: Assigning a controlled substance

Q: I am locked out and it is after hours for RxNT, what do I do?

A: Contact your Office Manager because they have access to temporarily reset your password. Requests for direct password resets will not be managed until the next business day and must be managed by phone to meet HIPAA compliance.

Q: What do I click on to log into my account?

A: From any page on the RxNT site, select “Customer Login” in the top left hand corner. You will then be prompted to enter your login credentials.

Q: How do I prescribe supplies and DME products?

A: Go to the “Utilities” tab in your RxNT Account. Select “Drug Reference” and conduct a partial search for a reference.

Example: If you are looking for a knee brace, enter knee in the search field. Then select “Knee Brace” (you can type in a specific brand). A list will populate and you will be able to see how to prescribe the desired knee brace.

Q: What is LD 1646?

An Act to prevent opiate abuse by strengthening the controlled substances prescription monitoring program

Q: Why was this legislation created?

Since approximately 75% of heroin addicts start with prescription opioid medication, Governor LePage believes this legislation will control the flow of medications within the community.

Q: Although I understand the motivation of the law, does anyone else support it?

Yes. Maine Medical Association, Maine Nurse Practitioner Association, Maine Osteopathic Associate, Maine Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company, Maine Chiefs of Police Association, and more.

Q: What are the main requirements of the law?

  • Submit opioid prescriptions electronically beginning July, 2017
  • Participation in the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)
  • Limits for the strength and duration of opioid prescriptions

For more information, please visit RxNT’s Maine ePrescribing Mandate Information

Q: Where can I find information about your ONC-Certification?

A: You can find more information about RxNT|EHR ONC-certification here or by visiting the CHPL site.

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