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Medical Billing: Is Payment Posting in Your System a Nightmare?

For medical billing companies and practices alike collecting payments is not always an easy feat, and often times money is ...
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EHR Vendors – Considering Providers’ Input

As a Provider, does your Electronic Health Records (EHR) vendor solicit your input to considering suggestions on how to improve ...
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The Opioid Abuse Epidemic Continues

In 2016, 24% of medication-related claims involved opioids. A recent study was released last week by a medical liability insurer, ...
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Practice Management: Does Your Reporting Do This…

RXNT|practice management’s cloud-based practice management solution helps practices and billing services manage their financials electronically. Project management solutions include the ability ...
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Medication Adherence within RXNT

How many times has a patient entered your office and told you they have forgotten to pick up their prescription, ...
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Six Ingredients for a Successful Implementation

According to the CDC, 86.9% of U.S. based physicians are using an electronic health record solution (EHR). It’s 2017 and ...
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Medical Billing: Tired of Paper Superbills?

Medical billing organizations across the country have spent countless hours chasing down, interpreting, and manually entering data found on paper ...
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View of the city skyline of Houston TX

Our Thoughts are With Houston

The RXNT Community supports the Citizens of Texas and surrounding areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. We would like to extend ...
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2017 AMBA National Conference

RXNT is excited to be exhibiting at the 2017 American Medical Billing National Conference October 26-27th in Las Vegas. We’re ...
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International Overdose Awareness Day – Aug. 31st

 Twenty years ago, the opioid epidemic was something that not many dealt with on a personal level. It was seen ...
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