RxNT | EHR Behavioral Health Specialties

RxNT|eHR Practice Managment software provides Behavioral Health-specific templates and specialty-specific workflow design allowing you to streamline and standardize your practice and patient encounters.

Our RxNT|eHR software:

  • Allow you to utilize PsycoPharm Progress Notes and Mental Status Exams
  • Provides access to e-lab results, medication history, and psychiatric history
  • Provides HPI templates for depression, ADH, and group therapy
  • Integrates the award-winning RxNT|eRX ePrescribing solution. The RxNT|eRx application is the only Platinum rated product in the U.S. and, the first 2011 CCHIT certified e-prescribing solution in the U.S.
  • Allows you to create and transmit e-Referrals
  • Allows you to e-schedule patient visits

All ePM|eMR|eRX product implementation, virtual training, and ongoing RxNT software support are included in your initial purchase. Please call 1-800-943-7968 for any additional RxNT ePM|eMR|eRX literature – or, to schedule a complimentary product demonstration.

Behavioral Health eHR eHealth Software Solutions

Our RxNT|pm solution offers flawless integration with our existing eRX and eHR solutions in order to facilitate the most complet eHealth solution available. 

Our RxNT|erx solution features the ability to process and transmit electronic prescriptions for renewal.

Our RxNT|ehr solution offers medical practices specialty-specific templates which allows your practice to streamline and maximize your workflow potential and patient encounters.

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