Hospice Pharmacy Solutions

Key Features

  •  Increased Nursing Efficiencies –Hospice nursing staff can spend more time with patients, less time dealing with pharmacy issues when partnering with HPS.
  •  Reduced Medication Spending – Hospice medication spend can decrease with HPS’ volume purchasing and clinically appropriate medication recommendations.
  •  Enhanced Symptom Management – Hospice patients get high-quality care with HPS clinicians providing expert pain and symptom management.
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By only serving hospice providers, Hospice Pharmacy Solutions understands the comprehensive needs of hospice care. HPS is a leading pharmacy benefit management service that offers hospice organizations simplified services that optimizes care at a crucial time – the end of life. With HPS’ innovative resources and support in place, clients can better focus on the needs of their patients. The HPS team of clinical pharmacists, trained help desk professionals and account managers acts as an around-the-clock extension of clients’ healthcare teams to deliver services that support the hospice mission of cost-effective and compassionate care.

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