Computerized Screening, Inc.

Key Features

  • Blood pressure with heart rate, pulse ox, weight, temperature
  • Breathalyzer, Stethoscope, Otoscope, Dermascope, A1C
  • Full Cholesterol Panel with Glucose, Pt/INR
  • 15″ Touch Screen with printer, keyboard, privacy handset
  • 32″ Flat Panel TV outside of health station
  • Mag Card Reader
  • Electronic Signature Pad
  • Finger Print Scanner
  • Photo ID Web Cam
  • Bar Code reader
  • Physician Call Service “Doctors on Demand”
  • Health Risk Appraisal
  • National Libraries of Medicines
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CSI is the world leader in innovative health station products and technology serving the needs of populations in all stages of health within the community. Heath plans, employers and PBM's enjoy electronic access to health professional consultations including physician, nurse, health coach and behavioral health, all of which are enhanced by real time biometrics and personal health record capture. Click here to visit Computer Screening, Inc.'s website.

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