RxNT Hospice ePrescribing

RxNT is a certified ePrescribing solution, allowing hospice physicians to electronically prescribe both non-controlled and controlled medications directly from the point of patient care. By streamlining prescriber workflow, RxNT has developed a solution that allows hospice physicians to reduce risk and improve patient care on-the-go.

What are we hearing about RxNT’s Hospice E-Prescribing Solution?

Our hospice staff finds the product accessible and simple to use. RxNT’s enrollment process, including ID Proofing and token shipping, is streamlined and requires little effort on our end. RxNT’s product and their service is efficient and reliable. We are a proud partner with RxNT. Since making RxNT|eRx available, utilization of electronic prescribing among our hospice physician staff continues to grow as does the number of successful electronic scripts.
Frank Puglisi, PharmD | VITAS Innovative Hospice

Benefits of e-Prescribing

Benefits of ePrescribing for Hospice Providers:

RxNT’s mobile solution can be accessed anywhere at any time, allowing hospice nurses and staff to spend more time providing care to patients, regardless of a patient’s location.

All prescriptions (including controlled substances) can be sent directly to the pharmacy from the point of patient care, eliminating unnecessary phone calls between hospice nurses and prescribers.

Eliminate verification calls between hospice nurses to a pharmacist by tracking prescription transmission to pharmacies with RxNT|eRx.

RxNT’s web-based technology provides hospice physicians with the most up-to-date software.

Access RxNT’s hospice specific formularies from within the ePrescribing platform.

Connect directly to major hospice pharmacies.

Live customer support and training for RxNT’s desktop and mobile applications.


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